Ms. Lan taught Empathy

  “How’s your class going, Lan?” – I started chatting as we’re sitting in a small ramen shop. Lan slurped the ramen, eyes spacing out the window and wandering in a midst of thoughts. After a bite or two, she seemed to have found a story to illustrate what she was thinking. “I have this one student in my Foundation Math 2000,” she said. “His […]

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How do we build character at a learning center?

Dear teachers, At an after school learning center, finding time to cultivate the students’ characters can be a luxury.  However, we cannot deny the fact that our classrooms also provide a social structure that the child encounters and an excellent opportunity for character-building. Classroom is not just about learning concepts; it is also a place where a foundation can be built for becoming upstanding person. […]

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A Gift from Every Lesson

Dear my student, I know you’ve been stressed out lately with all the expectations weighing on your shoulders. They are so heavy that you seem to have forgotten the purpose of your learning when you showed up to our tutoring sessions. The purpose that I’m talking about here is not about completing all the worksheets or the lessons as planned. Those things are important because […]

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E2 Office Hour: Interview with Don Le, Co-founder of Everest Education

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