Education News – Nov 23, 2020

Education News – Nov 23, 2020

Partial Scholarships for Undergraduates, Graduates of International Fashion Academy, Paris

International Fashion Academy (IFA Paris) is offering the International Fashion Academy funding for undergraduate & postgraduate students in France. These opportunities are available for both domestic and international students to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate programs. 

The sponsorship will offer financial aid based on your financial resources and status: from 20% to 40% Financial Aid.

IFA Paris, a school of high-end fashion and fashion-related management has its roots firmly set in the history of arts and crafts in France. Although its teaching is inspired by the Parisian tradition of fashion and art, it meets the most exacting academic standards on a global scale. IFA Paris has made it its mission to transfer the know-how to younger generations, to draw out their creativity, teaching them the best methods and practices in the luxury sector in general, and particularly in the fashion sector.  
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Full Scholarships for Undergraduates from the University of Chicago, USA

The University of Chicago, U.S. is offering need-based financial aid to international students. The school sets aside a recent gift of $35 million for international financial aid has strengthened the University’s commitment to enrolling diverse and talented students from around the world. 

The University of Chicago is a place where the fearless pursuit of truth comes to life. Their style of education and the rigorous pursuit of knowledge has established them as one of the world’s most influential institutions of higher learning.

The University of Chicago is consistently recognized to be one of the top 15 universities in the world and offers various undergraduate and graduate degree programs.
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The ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarships from Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore

The ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarships (AUS) are offered for citizens or permanent residents from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), except Singapore. The Scholarship covers

  • the subsidized tuition fees (after Tuition Grant) for the normal duration (up to four years) of the respective degree programs at SUTD
  • a living allowance of $5,800 per academic year

The Singapore University of Technology and Design is established to advance knowledge and nurture technically-grounded leaders and innovators to serve societal needs, with a focus on Design, through an integrated multi-disciplinary curriculum and research.
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Fun quiz: What’s your kids future career?

Fun quiz: What’s your kids future career?

Have you ever wondered what your children might do when she grows up?  Who do you want them to be? 

Thanks to globalization, robots, artificial intelligence, and other disruptive technologies, the job market has drastically changed more in the last decade than in the previous half-century.  In the future, some jobs will vanish, while others will remain – but change.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” – even many adults still find it hard to answer this question, too.  The world is full of possibilities, so it’s natural for kids to explore options.

In this article, we include a fun 3-minute quiz to help parents explore some career areas that may suit your child’s talents, skills and characteristics. Of course, we can’t provide all options in just one small, simplified quiz, so please note that this quiz should be viewed only as a guide, and not as comprehensive, definitive, or scientific. 

Take the quiz below to get a sense of where your child may excel in the future, based on her personality today!

Parting words from Everest Education

It is never too early to start talking to your child about career choices.  As a parent, there are several things you can do to support her through the process.   Talking about careers with your child is an extension of showing an interest in their lives – helping them to move in a positive direction, towards a fulfilling future.

Bringing curiosity and an open mind to the conversation will help your child think in an unrestricted way about their options. 

>>> Learn how to start a career discussion with your kids here:

Education News – Nov 16, 2020

Education News – Nov 16, 2020

Full and Partial ASF Scholarships for Undergraduate and Graduate of Amsterdam University College, Holland

Amsterdam University College (AUC) is offering ASF scholarships for Dutch and international students. An ASF Awardee must be fully admitted to the Amsterdam University College. AUC is a full-time selective three-year honors program in liberal arts and sciences at the Bachelor level, taught in English, with a strong offering in the sciences and enrolling up to 50% science majors. Applicants whose first language is not English are usually required to provide evidence of proficiency in English at the higher level required by the University. 

The AUC Scholarship Fund offers two levels of full ASF Scholarship:

  • EU students: EUR 5,100 per year
  • Non-EU students: EUR 15,300 per year
  • Partial awards may also be awarded (these are usually 50% of the above amounts).

Established in 2009, Amsterdam University College (AUC) is committed to providing a top-quality liberal arts and sciences education, jointly supported by the two major research universities in Amsterdam, the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU).
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Full Scholarships for Undergraduate of Princeton University, USA

Princeton University –  one of the eight Ivy League schools (The Ivy League is an American collegiate athletic conference comprising eight private research universities in the Northeastern United States) – is offering full scholarships for undergraduate levels. Princeton has a very generous aid/grant policy and provides fully funded undergraduate degrees to a few deserving students.

  • The admission office decides on one’s admission regardless of the financial situation of the applicant.
  • The families with income less than $65,000 / year qualify for a grant to cover full tuition, residential college fee, room, and board.
  • Princeton meets 100% of each student’s demonstrated financial need.

With more than 300 student organizations, 37 sports clubs, and several campus centers, the opportunities for students to engage in interests beyond their academic studies abound.
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Full and Partial Scholarships for Undergraduates from the University of Warwick, U.K.

If you are interested to kick start your academic journey at one of the U.K.’s most prestigious universities, then you can apply for the Undergraduate Global Excellence international awards offered by the University of Warwick. 

The University of Warwick will provide 250 scholarships to exceptional students who hold an offer for an undergraduate program. These awards will include the following amounts for the duration of the Undergraduate course:

  • 20 x Full fee scholarships per year 
  • 160 x £13,000 scholarships per year
  • 70 x £2,000 scholarships per year 

Warwick is ranked 62nd in the world and 10th in the U.K. (Q.S. World University Rankings 2021).
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