Education News – Aug 12, 2019

Education News – Aug 12, 2019

Law Distinguished Scholars Program from the  University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) 2019

The UCLA Law Distinguished Scholars Program is calling for the application for  early-decision program providing full tuition for three years to exceptionally qualified students ready to commit to UCLA Law. The UCLA Law Achievement Fellowship is non-binding and provides full tuition for three years to high-achieving students who have overcome significant personal, educational or socio-economic hardships. Recipients who are not California residents will be awarded full non-resident tuition and fees for their first year of law school, and full California resident tuition and fees for their second and third years of law school. 
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Half undergraduate scholarship from the University of Tulsa, America 2019

The University of Tulsa offers the International Leadership Scholarship to well-qualified international applicants.  This is a merit-based scholarship based on the student’s academic background as well as extracurricular and leadership experience.  The award is offered to selected freshmen applicants at the time of admission. Award values vary from $2,000 to $16,000 USD. The initial award is for one year and is renewable as long as the student maintains full-time enrollment and a 2.0 cumulative GPA at The University of Tulsa.  Eligible students may renew up to three times for a total of four years of study. 
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Entrance scholarship program from Canada’s International School 2019-2020

TFS – Canada’s International School is offering Entrance programme for the academic year 2019-2020.  The studentships are available to students who will be entering Grade 7 in September 2019. Canada’s International School is a bilingual, co-educational and non-denominational independent school for students from age 2 to university entrance.  Citizens of all nationalities are eligible to apply. TFS will award scholarships to students who demonstrate high academic standing, involvement in their school and/or community, as well as financial need. These are fully-funded positions covering tuition, uniform, books, and incidental fees, we define financial need as a family’s inability to pay for any part of TFS’ tuition fees. 
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Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) from the Indiana University, U.S. 2020 ($15,000/ Year)

The Indiana University –Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) is giving you a chance to expand your career in the right direction by replenishing the merit program.  The award program is available for incoming first-year international students and will help you to finance your undergraduate education in the USA. Each successful scholar will get the amount worth up to $15,000 per year.  The awards are renewable for four years. All international students are eligible for this application program. Detail >>

Top 7 brain foods for Back-to-school season!

Top 7 brain foods for Back-to-school season!

School has started again!  This time of year can be crazy: vacation is over, schedules are all over the place, and getting healthy food on the table (and in the lunch boxes) can be tough.  It’s the perfect time to think about some healthy recipes that we’re all in need of.

A healthy, balanced diet is not just good for your child’s body, it’s good for her brain, too.  As you might know, our brain is a very hungry organ – it consumes more than 20% of our daily calories intake, and is the first of the body’s organs to absorb nutrients from the food we eat,  according to Bethany Thayer, MS, RD, a Detroit nutritionist and spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association (ADA). Therefore, the right foods can also improve our child’s brain function, memory, and concentration, and get her ready for another successful school year ahead.

We’re all aware of the importance of enough fruit and vegetables, but what else can you offer your children to optimise their chances of having a good day at school?  Below are our top seven nutritious and delicious school snacks to include in your child’s diet weekly.

These are the best foods for the developing brain:

Here’s a quick list of 7 nutrient-dense foods that will boost your child’s brain power:

1. Eggs 

Eggs contain all the nutrients children need to grow.  Children’s brains are developing at a significant rate, especially for the first years of their life.  Rich in choline, the yolk of an egg almost meets the daily needs of children up to eight years old. Eggs are also high in protein and contain iron, folate and vitamin A – all of which are important for growth, repair and development of cells.  So encourage your child to eat eggs regularly, unless she is allergic to it. 

Meal ideas: Hard boiled eggs mixed with a small amount of mayonnaise is perfect in a sandwich, or dipping bread in egg and frying it up to make French toast as a weekend breakfast when you have a little more time.

2.  Oily fish

Rich in omega-3 which is vital for brain development and health, oily fish has so many benefits.   Omega-3 fatty acids are essential components of the building blocks needed for cell development. Certain types of omega-3 fats are the most abundant fat found in the brain and some studies have shown they may help manage behavioural problems due to their role in neurotransmitter function.

Other studies have linked poorer reading ability with low levels of omega-3 and supplementation was linked to improved memory function. 

Salmon, mackerel, fresh tuna, trout, sardines and herring are great sources of omega-3 oils and should be eaten once a week.  Try substituting one of your child’s meat dishes to include one of these healthy fish choices with family-friendly recipes.

Meal idea: Tuna sandwiches, or sandwiches with salmon salad – canned salmon mixed with reduced-fat mayo or non-fat plain yogurt, raisins, chopped celery, and carrots make a great lunch.

3. Oats, cereals & whole grain breads

Packed with carbohydrates, whole grains provide essential glucose and energy to fuel the brain. They are also full of vitamin E, zinc, and B-complex vitamins, which nourish a healthy nervous system.  Numerous studies have shown that a breakfast filled with whole grains improves short-term memory and attention, when compared with refined carbohydrates or no morning meal at all.  Whole grains are found in oats, granary bread, rye, wild rice, quinoa and buckwheat. Whole grain foods are also high in fiber, which regulates glucose supply into the body.  So, why not try and start your child’s days with whole grain cereals, breads or oats? 

Meal idea: Whole grain crackers with tasty toppings such as cheese, mashed avocado or banana are a great treat; hummus or a bean dip with whole grain pita is an easy and quick idea for lunch boxes; or swap rice for whole wheat couscous for dinner.

4.  Berries 

Berries (blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, dark cherries, mulberries, goji berries, etc.) are lunch-box-friendly and packed with vitamins that help boost memory and cognitive functioning.  They are also great sources of natural sugars and fiber, which is important for a healthy digestive system. “In general, the more intense the color, the more nutrition in the berries,” says Sarah Krieger, MPH, RD, LD/N, a St. Petersburg, Fla. consultant and ADA spokeswoman…  

Berries boast high levels of antioxidants, especially vitamin C, which may help prevent cancer. Studies have shown improved memory with the extracts of blueberries and strawberries.  “But eat the real thing to get a more nutritious package,” Krieger says. “The seeds from berries are also a good source of omega-3 fats.”

Meal idea: Add berries to veggies that may need a flavor boost — like sliced sweet cherries with broccoli or strawberries with green beans.  Toss berries into a green salad. You can also add berries to yogurt, hot or cold cereal, or dips. For a light dessert, top a mound of berries with nonfat whipped cream.

5. Beans

High in protein and packed with vitamins and minerals, beans are an excellent food choice for your kids.  Beans are special because they have energy from protein and complex carbs — and fiber — plus lots of vitamins and minerals.  “These are an excellent brain food since they keep a child’s energy and thinking level at peak all afternoon if they enjoy them with lunch.” Krieger says. Kidney and pinto beans contain more omega-3 fats than other beans which we know are important for brain growth and function.  Not only do they release energy slowly which keeps children filled with energy, it will help them concentrate in the classroom.

Meal idea: Sprinkle beans over salad and top with salsa.  Mash vegetarian beans and spread on a tortilla – and add shredded lettuce and low-fat cheese.  Mixing beans in spaghetti sauce or swapping them occasionally for meat will also make a good dinner choice.

6. Milk, yogurt & cheese

Milk, yogurt and cheese are nutritious and packed with protein and B-vitamins which are essential for growth of brain tissue, neurotransmitters and enzymes which all play an important role in the brain.  Another benefit is that these foods are high in calcium which is vital for the growth of strong and healthy teeth and bones. Children have different requirements for calcium depending on their age, but you should aim to include two to three calcium-rich sources a day.  

Meal idea:  Low-fat milk over cereal – and calcium – and vitamin D-fortified juices – are easy ways to get these essential nutrients.  If your child isn’t a lover of milk, don’t worry, as there are other ways that you can add dairy into the diet: use milk instead of water when making porridge, puddings or pancakes.  Cheese sticks and yogurt are great snacks and usually popular with children.

7.  Meat (or alternative meat)

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends meat as a first food because it’s such a great source of protein, zinc, iron, and fat.  Plus, a developing brain needs more saturated fat than an adult one. Iron is an essential mineral that helps kids stay energized and concentrate at school.  Lean beef is one of the best absorbed sources of iron. In fact, just 1 ounce per day has been shown to help the body absorb iron from other sources. 

Meal idea: Meatballs on spaghetti, healthy spring rolls, or mini beef and mushroom burgers are great kid-friendly choices for your child (and adults love that, too!). For vegetarians, black bean and soy burgers are great iron-rich meatless options.  Eat tomatoes, red bell peppers, orange juice, strawberries, and other “Cs” with beans to get the most iron.

Education News – Aug 5, 2019

Education News – Aug 5, 2019

Undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships from Curtin University, Australia 2019

Curtin University is presenting the Curtin Housing funding for international students.  This educational bursary is specially designed for undergraduate or postgraduate applicants who enroll in on-campus accommodation at Curtin University.  The successful scholars will get an one-off subsidy of $1,500 towards Curtin housing in semester 2, 2019. Curtin University was established in 1966, formally known as the Curtin University of Technology and situated as an Australian public research university in Bentley.
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Victoria Tangiwai Scholarship program from the Victoria University Of Wellington, New Zealand ($5,000)

In believing in the ‘Your Dreams Our Goal’ philosophy, the Victoria University of Wellington is pleased to provide the Victoria Tangiwai Scholarship in New Zealand.  The program is designed for the brilliant international students to pursue undergraduate degree coursework for year 2019-2020. The studentship is worth up to $5,000.  Established in 1897, Victoria University of Wellington offers a broad range of courses. It is well known for its programs in the humanities, and sciences. It has been ranked 221st in the World’s Top 500 universities by the QS World University Rankings (2018).
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Half bachelor scholarships from the University of Queensland 2019 ($10,000)

The University of Queensland (UQ) UQ offers A$10,000 scholarships to high achieving students who have completed diploma level studies at a polytechnic institution in Singapore and who will commence undergraduate studies at UQ in Semester 1, 2020.  The educational award will provide an amount of a$10,000 which will be paid as a reduction in tuition fees over semester 1 and 2. The University of Queensland is ranked as one of the most reputable universities in the world and is situated as a public research university. It was organized in 1909 by the state parliament. At UQ, the candidates will get many opportunities like workshops, seminars, events, and others for developing the personality and communication skills. 
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What’s a Good SAT Score for YOU?

What’s a Good SAT Score for YOU?

If you’re wondering what a good SAT score is, you’re not alone. It’s one of the top questions we often get from both students and parents.

As you might already know, a perfect SAT score is 1600.  The minimum score is 400. And the average for the class of 2018 was 1068.  But what is a “good” score? The answer is simply short: It depends on who you are and what you want to do with your score.

What’s Considered a Good SAT Score?

A 1060 is about average, so anything above that is above average, and might be considered a good score.  A good score will be different for each student.  A good score for you is based on the schools you want to go to. Generally, the higher ranked a school is, the better score you need to get in.  It also depends on the other pieces of your application. If you have a near perfect GPA, your SAT score can be a little lower to still be competitive.  Schools also look at your letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, background, and admissions essays.

For most colleges, a score of 1300 (88th percentile) and up will make you a competitive applicant.  And a 1500 or higher pretty much opens the door to any institution in the country.  But, what really makes a “good” SAT score is an SAT score that makes you competitive at the schools you are interested in attending.

For instance, iIf you’re a junior taking the SAT for the first time, any score is a good score because it gives you valuable information about the academic areas you need to work on. Then you can focus on improving those areas and take the SAT again.  If you’re a senior applying to college, a good score depends on where you’re applying and what the rest of your application says about you.

Putting SAT scores in perspectives

Now, let’s look at the 25th and 75th percentile SAT/ACT scores for MIT, Stanford and all Ivy League schools:

If you’re scoring lower than the 25th percentile on either the SAT or ACT, you’ll have a really tough time getting accepted to an Ivy League school. Unfortunately, you just won’t measure up to all the other highly qualified applicants who have extremely impressive SAT/ACT scores.

Clearly, these are very high standards. In fact, all 75th percentile scores for Ivy League schools are in the 99th percentile nationwide. To be at the top of the Ivy League application pool, you will need to be one of the top 1% of test takers in the country!

While these SAT/ACT scores for the Ivy League can be used as standard guidelines, everyone has a different target score. This means that you’ll need to know the SAT/ACT score target that’s right for you. But how do you figure this out?

Again, your target SAT/ACT score will be based on the colleges you’re applying to. You’ll need to find the average SAT/ACT scores of admitted students for all the schools you’re interested in attending, specifically their 75th percentile scores. Aiming for the 75th percentile will give you the best chance of getting into all the schools on your list.

5 Steps to Finding Your Goal Score

For most students, getting a good SAT score is an attainable goal, with the right amount of preparation, strategy, and experience.

Below 5 simple steps will be the key to help you define a near perfect SAT score (or at least one that will get you into your dream school) 

To sum up, a good SAT score is a score that makes you competitive for the schools you want to attend. So find out your baseline, and then see how it compares to typical scores at your target schools . While colleges consider a lot of factors when they make admissions decisions, standardized test scores like SAT are still important pieces of your college application. Higher scores mean more college options for you.

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Education News – July 29, 2019

Education News – July 29, 2019

Biology Undergraduate International program from the University of York, UK 2019 (£10,000)

The University of York is now accepting applications for the Biology Undergraduate International program in the United Kingdom.  The educational award is available for all international applicants interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree program at the University of York.  These awards will be worth up to £10,000 and can be combined with the other grant. Successful scholars can pursue any available undergraduate degree program in the Biology Department.  The University of York is known as a collegiate plate glass research university founded in 1963. It was ranked 12th in the UK and 24th for its Research Power.
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Full undergraduate and postgraduate scholarship program from the University of Ghana 2019

The University of Ghana is now accepting applications for UG-Tullow Tertiary funding for the academic year 2019-2020.  The award is available for the brightest students from Ghana and all around the world to pursue the undergraduate and postgraduate degree coursework at the university.  The studentship will cover the tuition, stipend/subsistence/ health insurance, modest subsidy for equipment (Laptop computer) and accommodation for students. Founded in 1948, the University of Ghana provide more technology-based and vocational courses as well as postgraduate training.  It is one of the few universities in the Africa continent offering programs in nuclear physics and nuclear engineering. It has eight newly created halls of residence.
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Half undergraduate scholarships from the University of Waterloo, Canada 2019

With the purpose of providing financial support to deserving candidates, the University of Waterloo is providing Ali Arts Entrepreneurship Award in Canada.  The award is designed for the Canadian and international students to pursue the full-time undergraduate degree coursework at the university. Each successful scholar will get the amount worth up to $2,500.  To be eligible for this fund, the applicant must have to be enrolled in the bachelor degree coursework at the university for the academic year 2019-2020. Selection will be made on the basis of academic achievement.  The University of Waterloo offers academic programs administered by six faculties and ten faculty-based schools. It is most famous for its cooperative education (co-op) programs. It also operates the largest post-secondary co-operative education program in the world.
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Engineering Leadership scholarship ($20,000) from Monash University, Australian 2019

Monash University, Australia is offering Engineering Leadership Scholarship for students in Australia and all around the world.  This scholarship program recognises the ability and potential of students specialising in Mining Engineering enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering and wishes to provide philanthropic support to encourage and reward student potential and achievement.  Each successful scholar will receive the amount worth up to $10,000 per annum for two years. Founded in 1958, Monash University is Australia’s eight leading research Universities. It is one of two Australian universities to be ranked in the École des Mines de Paris ranking on the basis of the number of alumni listed among CEOs in the 500 largest worldwide companies.  To be eligible for this fund, the applicant must have to be enrolled in the Bachelor of Resources Engineering (Mining) at a Monash campus in Australia. 
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