Do you know important is the college essay?

On average, one application officer has only 8 ~ 12 minutes to read your application, and they start with your essay! As important as it is, however, many Vietnamese students do not know how to craft a good College Admission Essay to get into the college of their dreams.

Through our College Compass program, our co-founders – Tony Ngo (graduated from Harvard Business School and Stanford University), and Don Le (graduated from Stanford University) – have had the chance to work with many Vietnamese students to guide them on College Application, and have seen so many common mistakes that Vietnamese students often makes on their college application.

So to help you all avoid that, we would love to share 5 mistakes Vietnamese students typically make when applying to colleges.

By making this video, we hope you can be aware and avoid these common mistakes, as well as get good pieces of advice to craft the best application essay to apply to the college of your dreams!

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