5 Movies to Brighten Up Children This Summer

Watching movies? Of course! Summer is a time for children to relax, play, and explore the world after a year of diligent studying. Apart from outdoor activities like summer camps and vacations, there are plenty of indoor activities that can satisfy children’s desire for fun while imparting valuable knowledge.

Contrary to the common belief that staying indoors limits a child’s dynamism and exploration opportunities, there are numerous engaging activities that don’t require going outside. Among these enjoyable pastimes, watching English movies is a notable option.

In fact, entertainment films can offer unimaginable benefits to children. Firstly, movies serve as a source of entertainment, allowing children to relax, unwind, and enjoy themselves. They offer an escape from reality and a chance to delve into imaginative worlds and captivating stories. Additionally, films can be educational, teaching children about different cultures, historical events, and important life lessons. Furthermore, movies can inspire creativity and imagination, as children may be inspired by the characters, settings, and narratives they encounter. Children can indirectly explore the world and nuture their creative thinking through the human values conveyed in films. Moreover, regular exposure to foreign films, especially in English, helps children familiarize themselves with a new language, enhancing their language comprehension and overall learning abilities. In particular, English movies can enhance children’s language skills, as they expose them to new vocabulary and help improve their listening comprehension.

This summer is the perfect time for kids to indulge in the joys of cinema. In the following article, Everest Education (“E2”) will recommend five English-language films that are rich in human values and suitable for all ages. These films will not only provide delightful moments for the whole family but also impart valuable life lessons, making this summer a truly unforgettable and enriching experience.

1.Ponyo (2008)ponyo-5-movies-for-the-best-summer

Undoubtedly, parents are no strangers to the renowned Ghibli Studio – a name associated with a series of movies that have become part of the childhood memories of countless children since the late 20th century. In its collection, Ghibli Studio successfully delivers a heartfelt message of friendship and family sentiment to young audiences through the charming animated film “Ponyo” (2008). The film portrays the journey of a goldfish named Ponyo, who becomes friends with a young boy named Sosuke, as she curiously ventures into the human world. Ponyo gradually takes on a more human-like form as her friendship with Sosuke grows. Through this film, Ghibli Studio conveys a deeply touching message that genuine love stems from cherishing one another regardless of differences or identities. Furthermore, the film beautifully depicts the value of family bonds as Sosuke’s and Ponyo’s parents protect and care for their children while their kids are facing challenges and pursuing their heartfelt desires.


2. Matilda (1996)

If your child needs an extra boost of motivation to accomplish extraordinary things, then parents should not overlook the film “Matilda” (1996). “Matilda” (1996) tells the story of a gifted girl named Matilda, born into a less-than-ideal family and growing up amidst a lack of love and care. However, through her diligent pursuit of knowledge, Matilda harnesses her innate abilities to defy injustice in school and society, ultimately finding true happiness alongside those who genuinely love her. Hidden within this film is a profoundly human message, as it seeks to encourage the talents of young individuals, reminding them to always believe in their own potential and strive to cultivate it for their own benefit and for those around them.

3. Jurassic World – The Cretaceous Camp (2022)


Jurassic World – The Cretaceous Camp (2022) is an animated film full of thrill, immersing viewers back into the fascinating world of dinosaurs. Set within the renowned Jurassic Park universe, Jurassic World – The Cretaceous Camp (2022) follows a group of teenagers participating in an adventurous camp on Isla Nublar, the same island where the famous Jurassic World theme park was once located. Through the unexpected challenges faced by the team in the film, Jurassic World – The Cretaceous Camp (2022) effectively delivers valuable lessons about entertainment and education. The movie offers audiences not only exciting encounters with captivating dinosaurs but also profound values concerning the significance of friendship, loyalty, and environmental responsibility. Through the characters’ journey, young viewers are reminded of the importance of preserving the environment and nature.

This profound and captivating film will be featured at the Movie Club POPCORN & BEYOND screening event at Everest Education (“E2”) on Saturday, July 1st, 2023!

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Let’s give your children the opportunity to have fun with friends while learning valuable English skills through the POPCORN & BEYOND movie screening event!

4. Coraline (2009)coraline-5-movies-for-the-best-summer

If your child is thrilled by intense experiences, Coraline (2009) will provide them with chilling yet profoundly human moments, taking them to a mysterious and magical realm. The main character of the movie is Coraline, a strong-willed girl who often clashes with her strict mother. When her family moves to a new house, Coraline discovers a door that leads to a parallel world, where everyone is harmonious and her mother lavishes her with affection. However, this is just the beginning of Coraline’s realization of a valuable lesson: only true family loves unconditionally. The strictness of her real mother becomes a precious expression of love, a heartfelt desire for her child to have the best. The film effectively delivers this understandable and captivating message about parental love to its young audience, promising to offer new perspectives on family affection.


5. The Parent Trap (1998)

the-parent-trap-5-movies-for-the-best-summerIt would be truly wonderful if extracurricular activities served as opportunities for us to discover unknown aspects of ourselves and forge intriguing relationships. The Parent Trap (1998) has remarkably conveyed this message through the journey of twin sisters Hallie and Annie, who coincidentally meet at a summer camp and exchange identities in their efforts to mend their family bonds. In addition to emphasizing the message that love should not be easily relinquished, The Parent Trap (1998) has left an indelible impression on numerous generations by depicting a summer camp brimming with meaningful activities and inspiring children to actively engage in extracurricular pursuits. Therefore, if parents wish to encourage their children to explore outdoor activities and form new friendships, The Parent Trap (1998) is an ideal film choice for you this summer.

Parting words

A child’s development is not simply dependent on schooling and books; playtime and movies also play a significant role. Educational movies that are both fun and informative contribute to the overall development of children by imparting important life lessons that may not be found in books. These movies not only teach valuable morals but also enhance language skills. Instead of discouraging movie-watching, it is important to choose worthwhile films for children.

At Everest Education, we embrace the use of English movies as an effective teaching tool in our classrooms. English movies provide children with opportunities to explore enjoyable content with their friends and engage in discussions about the storyline and characters. This approach nurtures the growth of their English skills in an interactive and engaging manner.


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