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The coronavirus outbreak has hampered our children’ s opportunities to study for quite a long time.  We understand that this is causing problems for many students to maintain their daily learning routines, to continue studying, and to gain more knowledge during this outbreak.  As Vietnamese governments delay the reopening of schools to limit the spread of the new virus, parents are forced to search for alternatives to keep their child learning. And here comes a chance for e-learning to come in thick and fast!

However, even though there are a few platforms and tools appearing in the market to enable students to learn online, it’s still hard for families to find an online class that’s engaging, interactive and personalized.

Having been pioneers in the education technology industry, we have researched, tested and developed different tools to maximize students’ learning experience.  And now, in efforts to minimize the learning disruption for families, Everest Education is offering free Online Math for G1-9, and free Online IELTS Class for high school and college students. 

“Why should I choose Everest Online?” Let us tell you 5 main reasons that make us on top of all other e-learning platforms out there.

Live lessons with real teachers

Unlike other online course platforms having the entirety of the content presented in the format of talking head videos – which is hard for students, especially little graders, maintain their concentration for a long time – Everest Online delivers high-quality lessons, live online via our innovative, safeguarded online classroom. 

You can imagine Everest Online as a digital replica of a traditional classroom.  The instructors teach, and the participants learn in real-time, face-to-face but via internet-enabled technology devices.

Our teachers are highly motivated trainers with intense experience in teaching.  All your child needs is just a headset with a microphone to speak. Teachers will display lessons on the “virtual whiteboard”, so everybody can see them and work together.  This will transform your child from being a passive receiver of information to being active and involved in the learning process, and help hold their attention longer.

High interaction with teachers and friends

As educators, we understand that interaction plays a crucial role in fostering children’s love of learning and keeping them into the lessons.  That’s why when designing courses and doing lesson plans, we always try our best to implement student-center activities that keep them involved and engaged.  Fortunately, Everest Online has a lot of features that can create a variety of synchronous interaction opportunities, such as voice chat, live chat, interactive whiteboard, polls and quizzes.

The interactive online whiteboard comes with a full-screen mode, creating a bigger learning space.  Students can see full lessons, videos, or pictures, and even can draw, share their own screens to do presentations and discussions.  They can also use the live chat feature and Raise Hand feature to ask questions. With the option of live screen and application sharing, teachers would be able share their screen in real-time and provide remote assistance. Using the voice and live chat functionality, we also try to set up games, student-facilitated discussion opportunities where students craft the discussion prompt and guide the ensuing dialogue. 

Free from interruption by the CoronaVirus

As the virus keeps children at home, online classes are now the only way to maintain their learning routine. Staying away from school for so long will make it even harder for your child to get over the “holiday lag” – they may not be able to keep up with their peers when schools reopen.  With that in mind, we decide to design Everest Online following the Vietnamese national curriculum, specific to grade level and will be delivered in our unique teaching style. 

With Everest Online, students can quickly get in front of a great teacher without a commute.  This is a perfect solution for families to minimize the negative impact of the CoronaVirus – schools may stop, yet not teaching, and learning. 

Parents can know what your children are learning

Not many parents can really understand what their children are doing at schools. Our tight work schedules don’t allow us to spend as much time exploring how well they are doing at school, what they are learning, what we are teaching them and how active they are compared to other classmates.  While your child is taking Everest Online with us, this is also a good chance for parents to sit with your child, and watch your child in action.

Even the shy person can raise their voice

Some studies have shown that e-learning can increase interaction for certain personalities.  In other words, online courses offer shy or more reticent students the opportunity to participate in chats and discussion forums more than the traditional classroom environment.  Some learners experience a lot of performance pressure when attending a course with other people.  Studying on their own at their comfort place lessens this type of stress and can bring better results in the end. 

Everest Online offers more flexibility over a traditional classroom so that students have more chances to talk. Furthermore, we encourage every learner to raise their voice, embrace any idea and give away badges as rewards for those who dare to talk.


With the above advantages, we believe Everest Online can be just as effective as face-to-face classrooms. And in the long run, it will become a critical tool in how students learn. While we hope the outbreak ends soon, with Everest Online, your children can still acquire new academic, social and emotional skills, and more importantly, they are learning to acquire the skills with cutting-edge technology and diverse ways.  This will hopefully accelerate the modernization of the education system, and also increase their capacity and abilities to face new challenges in a rapidly changing world.

So, don’t let the virus stop your child from learning!  If you’re finding an online course to help your child make the most of their time away from school due to n-Cov19, seize this opportunity! Sign up to experience E2 Online Class 2021 at

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