7 Ways To Help Students Stay Focused In Classroom


Paying attention in class is daunting for children. Not being able to concentrate in a class impedes how well you are able to perform academically. Fortunately, there are some really simple things parents can advise your children to help them stay focused and achieve better results. Concentration is like a muscle that requires regular exercise to strengthen.

These tips below will help your kids build their concentration muscles.

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Do work at the right level of difficulty

Students want to feel challenged, but not over-taxed. Work that’s too hard for them is tricky to concentrate on because they might not be able to understand what’s being said; work that’s too easy can be even more of a challenge because it’s liable to make them bored. 

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Think of questions

Thinking of questions is a good way to keep kids’ brains engaged with the topic at hand. Kids don’t necessarily need to ask them, just think of them and perhaps write them down. If the work is too hard, try to work out what kids would need to know to understand it fully. If it’s too easy, think of what kids would ask to advance to the next level.

Get involved in discussions

Let your kids know: make your thoughts heard. That’s not to say that they should spend the entire class asking incessant questions. Speaking up once or twice during a discussion is good. If they have a particular point, it’s a good idea to get it said early on, while their friends are still getting warmed up and before someone else says it first.

Take notes

Let your kids know: making notes forces you to digest what you’re being told. Not only does it mean that kids actually pay attention, but they are also more likely to remember what’s been said as a result.

Have enough sleep

Make sure your kids stick to a sleep routine. Go to bed and wake up at roughly the same time, including during weekends. 

Relaxing activity before bed. This will let your mind and body know it’s time to sleep. Do something that does not involve electronics, such as reading a book or taking a warm bath.

Maintain a good diet

Make sure to stay hydrated. Eat healthy foods. Go for whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.

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Check for medical difficulties

If your child’s doing all of the above and still finding it hard to concentrate, it may be worth considering whether there’s a deeper explanation.

Children who need to wear glasses (be myopic) – or a child who has worn glasses but need a stronger prescription, paying attention to the board all the time will make them tired and reduce concentration. Also for children with hearing problems, it will be difficult for them to understand what the teacher is saying. Take a look at the symptoms and visit your doctor if necessary.

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