Cool Math Websites for Kids

? We all want kids to learn with practice. However, for challenging subjects such as math, it is quite difficult for them to actively practice math after school.

? Luckily, technology is the “lifesaver” in this case to encourage your kid to non-stop learning. Everest Education (“E2”) suggests some cool math websites so that your kid can both have fun after tiring study hours and practice math without boring.

? These online games have great graphics, sorted by age and math concepts, and a free version that makes it easy for kids to find their favorite game to “play” math.Try it now!

1. Funbrain

  • Level: Kindergarten – Grade 8
  • Highlight: FUNBRAIN has been a leader in developing educational games. There are “tons” of math games with great graphics and clear instruction. Also, videos and comics that you can access will help kids learn about many skills simultaneously.

2. Math Blaster

  • Level: Kindergarten – Grade 7
  • Highlight: MATH BLASTER offers outer-spaced theme games which students will love. They also have an application that you can download for your iPhone and iPad.

3. BuzzMath

  • Level: Kindergarten – Grade 7
  • Highlight: BUZZMATH is one of the best math websites for middle school. They have 7,000 activities that follow the Common Core State Standards and they have free demo plans.


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