Education News – May 7th, 2018


May 7, 2018

Full scholarship from Westminster, UK

To help students complete their study abroad application for the upcoming semester in September, the University of Westminster is having a workshop at the Vietint office in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Barbara Kehar, the representative of Westminster, and many experienced counsellors from Vietint will attend to this meeting. Students can get more useful information about the UK study environment and have the chance to gain scholarships, such as £ 3,500 scholarship, covering up to 50% of tuition fees, special scholarships up to 100% tuition and living expenses, as well as 100% scholarships for the major of media and design. There are also many other opportunities available for all majors.
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May 9, 2018

100% American High School Scholarship Workshop Series

To support Vietnamese students to get in American high school and give them opportunities to be accepted by top universities after graduation, CATS Academy Boston Boarding School will be holding a workshop series from May 5 to 9 to spread out the information of their scholarships: 5 IVY Scholarships (100% tuition and accommodation fee), 15 merit-based scholarships (20-50% tuition) and 100% full-tuition scholarships of summer camps. CATS Academy Boston scholarships can be applied for all school years, not just for the first year.
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May 10, 2018

Workshop: Opportunities to study and work in Canada after graduation

At this seminar, Mr. Uri Carnat, Director of Canada Global Markets, with many years of experience in international student recruitment, will share his experience in Canada’s education system such as different education levels, government support for international students, how to choose the appropriate study options, and post-graduation employment opportunities to provide students the answers to  all related questions.
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May 13, 2018

Education workshop: Studying in middle and high schools in New Zealand

Recently, studying in New Zealand has been increasingly attracting the attention of many parents and students in Vietnam. Not only at the college level, studying in middle and high schools in New Zealand is also considered as a valuable investment. At this seminar, parents and students will have the opportunity to gain better understanding about the country, people of New Zealand, the world’s leading education system, especially with the attendance of 13 secondary and high schools of New Zealand. 
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May 20, 2018

Gain £10,000 scholarships from the competition of “Future Leader Awards 2018”

“Future Leader Awards 2018” is a competition held by The International National Trusts Organisation (INTO) to support outstanding students who wish to study in the UK in September 2018. The total value of the scholarships is up to £100,000. The competition has three main parts: Mathematics, English and Global Issues. Candidates will take the paper test, which will last for 1.5 to 2 hours. INTO will award 10 “Future Leader Award 2018” scholarships worth £ 10,000 to the top 10 candidates and offer many other lower value scholarships. These are scholarships for the admission period of September, 2018 in many universities in the UK.
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