5 Reasons Why Studying In The U.S. Is The Best Choice For Your Children

Studying in the U.S. has always been an attractive topic for parents who want to invest in their children’s active learning environment and a solid future. This country has always been a country that attracts many international students worldwide. Not only famous for its economic strength, but the U.S. also has excellent resources and investments in education and academic systems. As the country with the most significant number of international students globally, there must be reasons for global students to consider the U.S. as their dream destination.

There are many reasons to choose the U.S. as a study abroad destination and open up many opportunities for the future for your children. In this article, let’s explore the five most important reasons.

1. Home of the best university in the world

According to the U.S. News & World Report, about half of the best global universities are located in the U.S. and the Q.S. Best Global Universities rankings have named 22 American universities. From graduate and undergraduate programs to research programs, universities in the U.S. offer top-ranked across all disciplines.

Your children’s professors will often be researchers, industry experts, or innovators in their fields, providing your children with invaluable expertise. Reputable universities also have alumni networks working in large corporations and companies globally, facilitating the development of long-term relationships that can point to opportunities for graduates.

The prestige and reputation of the school will make a good impression on future employers or graduate review boards. Academic programs in the U.S. are known for their high standards, outstanding learning experiences, intellectual rigor, and innovative practice. A degree from a U.S. university can help students achieve rewarding careers or study opportunities anywhere in the world.

2. Flexible study programs

The American higher education system offers flexible options for students according to their needs and interests. Students can choose from different courses at the undergraduate level before declaring their major at the end of the second year. This gives students time to explore their interests and passions. Therefore, if your children have not decided on their major, please don’t worry. They will have an appropriate time budget and useful supplementary programs to help children make the right choice. 

Flexible academic approaches can help students explore new areas that they have not considered before. Suppose students wish to study more than one major. In that case, students can enroll in both in a “double major” program and still graduate within four years of regular study.

At the graduate level, i.e., master’s degree, students can customize their courses according to the subject content to fit their learning goals. They always have the freedom to express opinions and perspectives that matter to the academic field and participate in diverse study programs alongside their classroom studies.

3. Diverse students

Studying abroad is generally a way to let your children cultivate their cultural intelligence and openness to other cultures. Studying abroad in the U.S. adds another perk, exposing them to American culture and the languages ​​and beliefs of people of all nationalities worldwide.

Nearly every university in the U.S. considers diversity one of the most critical factors in building its culture. Schools have made great efforts to increase access to educational opportunities for global students and make cultural diversity the center of their enrollment and admission efforts.

Their classrooms and dormitories are filled with students of all nationalities, religions, or ethnicities. Exposure to so many cultures could make the study abroad experience more enjoyable. International students will immediately feel comfortable around people who share a shared ethnic background and voice and share new ideas and perspectives.

4. Career and research opportunity

Possessing a prestigious university degree is not enough; life experience and skills acquired during your children’s studies are equally important in building their careers. Employers are always looking for candidates with good grades and prefer graduates who already have some work experience.

With that in mind, universities in the United States tend to focus on career development with diverse internship programs. By gaining professional experience before your children graduate, they’ll be off to a good start as they can search for a better-paying job and launch their dream career. Furthermore, in today’s globalized world, having cross-cultural work experience is extremely valuable.

If graduates want to research, then an American university will still be one of the best options. Universities often have state-of-the-art research facilities for faculty, staff, visiting professionals, and students. Some also have laboratories explicitly built for student courses.

As research students or researchers, they’ll work alongside industry-leading university faculty and possibly even with national research institutions. For example, many Cleveland State University students have the opportunity to intern at NASA’s Glenn Research Center every year.

Doing research is a strong focus at many U.S. universities. Some even offer scholarships or special admission offers if your children plan to pursue a research career after graduation. Sponsored research topics may include neuroscience, climate change, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and more.

5. Financial aids and support services for international students

Universities will have programs to help new students, especially international students, integrate into the new environment. Through many seminars, practical courses, orientation, and training in English, international students get the best preparation to be ready for their classes. Most schools have a national student service office prepared to assist with all needs of new students, such as visa issues, part-time jobs, …

U.S. universities can be costly and often have financial aid for international students. This can be in the form of a loan, scholarship, grant, or grant. At the graduate level, most universities provide financial support to international students in the state of opportunities to work as teaching assistants or research fellows. These financial aid opportunities are based on academic merit, where students receive a stipend with partial or complete tuition waivers. Not only receiving support from the school, but students also have the opportunity to receive grants, loans, and scholarships from different organizations.

More than just academic opportunities, most colleges and universities allow international students to work on their campus as part-time employees. Students on an F-1 student visa can work on campus up to 20 hours a week during the academic year and up to 40 hours a week during vacations. Students are usually paid by the hour (from $8 – 15 per hour), and their income helps cover living costs. Students are placed in employment based on financial needs as well as individual skills and experience. For example, an English major could be assigned to work in the university library. At the same time, someone with a lifeguard certificate could be placed at the Aquatic Center on campus.

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