High school roadmaps and international qualifications – A Levels, AP and IB


IB, A-Levels and APs are academically challenging and are considered the highest high school options students can take. Despite the similarities, there are certainly significant differences between them. So, which one should you select as your child’s pre-university qualification?

  • What is an IB education?
  • What are the differences between A Levels, AP and IB courses?
  • Which degree will universities prefer? Does one look more impressive than the other?
  • Which will improve the odds of getting into a top school the most?
  • Are there any benefits of doing the IB Diploma over AP and A levels?

To help you understand more about these 3 most popular and prestigious academic paths, Everest Education introduces you to this ebook: “High School Roadmaps and International Qualifications – A Levels, AP and IB”.

What’s inside this ebook?

  • Overview of A Level, IB, and AP – the three most popular and prestigious academic paths for High School students.
  • How to choose between academic paths.
  • Requirements for completion, study workload, teaching methodology and exam structures of each program.


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