How to Stop Being Lazy?


Have you ever…

– Felt overwhelmed because of having too much worksheets and projects to finish ?
– Waited until the last moments to do your homework?
– Said “I’ll do it tomorrow”

Most of us do.

Laziness is one of the popular problems that we face everyday. And there are a lot of articles, videos and tips out there teaching you how to win your laziness.

However, before trying to beat your laziness, remember one important note: try to understand your Laziness first!

Psychologist Leon F. Seltzer suggests that we should remove the word “lazy” from our vocabulary entirely, as “laziness” only make it harder to fix them. And finding the cause is the only way you can actually address it.

So take a step back to identify your real issues, ask yourself: “What’s holding you back?”. Are you tired, overwhelmed, or just lack of self-discipline?, then break down the underlying problems into a few categories:

Self-discipline: If your problem is lacking of self-discipline, solution may involve removing distractions such as social media, videogames, movies and food.

Try to have a clear schedule, set time limits to complete each tasks. and just get up to work.

Unrealistic expectations: we all want to set ambitious goals when it comes to a new school year. but to make it, you have to change our old habits and try something new. As a result, you may get tired and bored very quickly…
Wait, don’t you think you are being too hard on yourself?
Set challenging yet achievable goals, and slow down every once in awhile.

Motivation: sometimes we hesitate to take action just because we don’t really want to do that. This problem may come from not being unclear about what you want in your life, seeing no value in your work, have no idea why do we have to learn those complicated algebra, fractions and many stuff like that.

The possible solution is to learn how to value your work: write a list of Reasons to Study, for example to get good grades, to start your own business, to study abroad… and most importantly, to be a successful grown-up without tests and exams hanging over. When you complete one work, don’t forget to reward yourself, and keep in mind that: hard work will pay off.

Obviously, how you deal with laziness will depend on what the underlying issues are. Take time to examine your own problems and come up with an actionable plan that work for you. Try to overcome laziness and achieve everything you want!

Once you want to give up, remember this:

“If you do nothing, nothing will happen.”


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