Meaningful Christmas Gift Ideas Your Kids Will Love

There is nothing cuter than seeing the excitement on a child’s face while they tear into gifts early on Christmas morning, especially when you’ve picked out something that they absolutely love.  But for all that, choosing what to get your little one can be somewhat overwhelming. We rack our brains to try and think of something different, find something that’s not over-the-top, keep it fun and sneak in something practical.  It’s no easy feat. 

To make your holiday season a bit easier, we’ve gathered a list of the best Christmas gifts for kids of all ages and interests.  Whether your children are music lovers, aspiring scientists, or budding jewelry designers, these gift ideas for kids are guaranteed to make their holiday extra special this year.

1. Gifts of Learning & Expanding Horizons

Educational toys are one of the best options, as they feed her brain, hungry for neural stimulation. More importantly, the impact of educational gifts lasts a lifetime.  These gifts can aid her love for learning, the most important attitude towards making your child grow up educated. A great educational gift could even trigger what may be your child’s lifelong passion.  There are a variety of gifts that match all levels of learning – and budgets – and they can be high-tech or low-tech. Here are our top picks for the best educational toys for kids:

  • Magna-Tiles: Magna-Tiles are a creative way to introduce educational topics like shapes, colors, principles of magnets, symmetry, and more.  Various sets are available with different piece counts and color options.
  • Gardening Sets: Gardening provides kids with lots of opportunities to learn about botany and ecosystems and best of all get them outside! Little kids will enjoy this gardening set, while older kids are better suited for this one.
  • Science Kits: Science can be a fascinating topic, and there are many great kits that make it easy for kids to run their own scientific experiments.  The best part about science kits is that they’re equally educational and entertaining. Since every child has different interests, it’s a good idea to select products based on age.  Some suggestions of science kits for your little scientist:

2. Gifts of Creativity

Do you have a young aspiring artist at home?  What better way to encourage your child’s creativity than with the gift of art!  Kids of all ages have a natural fondness for creating by drawing, painting, and crafting.  And while you can go a long way with regular paint, and paper, you can never go wrong with some more inspiration and cool tools.

  • DIY Kits: Kids will love making their own miniature house, glycerine soap, slime, or paint their own T-shirts with these kits.

  •  Arts and Crafts Supplies: While nothing can beat paints, paper, and crayons for simple art projects, children sometimes need more inspiration and props to express their creativity in the best manner possible.  One of the best things you can do as a parent to initiate a child into arts and crafts is to give them the right tools and some guidance and let them go at it. A few art and craft gifts you can present to the young artist in your life:
  • Kids Journals: Sometimes it is much easier to write down our innermost feelings than to say them out loud.  Journals can be a fun way to encourage kids to write. Give your child a special journal where just you two can write personal thoughts to each other.  Finding a fun blank book works for some kids but having a few prompts can make for a fun activity.
    >>> My first diary

3. Gifts of Reading

If you’ve got a little bookworm on your hands and are looking to get them a special gift to add to their personal library this holiday season, there are so many other book-related items that any young reader would be excited to receive.  No matter how old your reader is, there’s something for everyone.  

> Additionally, parents can find more recommendations of non-Christmas books, as well as explore some techniques to choose the right book for your child on our blog:

  • Kid storybook torch: This toy takes reading to the next level. This interactive toy is a pleasant design and cute image-changing picture projector allows children to continuously enjoy the play of hands and fingertips, stimulating the whole brain when viewing the images.  It encourages the development of your child’s imagination through bedtime fantastic stories. Not afraid of the dark anymore!

4. Gifts of Family time & Experiences

If your kids already has everything she needs, an off-the-wall gift isn’t going to make her happy.  A recent article in the Atlantic discussed how research shows that experiences bring people more happiness than possessions.  Here are a few of the experiences parents can give kids during the holidays:

  • Vacations: This doesn’t have to be abroad tours or trips outside of the city. Even just a weekend trip to an amusement park or a card to one of the libraries around the city can be a good gift for kids.  If you are living in Ho Chi Minh city, there are numerous libraries providing creative learning spaces for students and families to choose as their weekend destination. Explore top 4 libraries for families in Ho Chi Minh city here.
  • Extracurricular Activities: Let’s face it, the cost of extracurricular activities can add up. If your kid has wanted to try out an extracurricular activity that stretches the budget why not give it as a gift? Relatives and parents can contribute to the cost and kids will likely appreciate these activities more if they come in the form of a gift. There are some good places in Ho Chi Minh city that provide extracurriculars for kids at young ages, such as Vietopia, Konnit zone, Tatuplay or Family garden.
  • Magic set: Kids are fascinated by magic, and this set teaches them how to do magic while learning about illusions, as well as developing confidence, social skills and self-discipline. Magic teaches kids to think from another person’s perspective and how they are feeling. If your child is a magic lover, consider getting her this set of magic props, which is perfect for children who are new to the art of magic.
  • Board Games: Create a tradition of a family game night with the gift of a few board games. Kids won’t realize that they’re actually building word knowledge, vocabulary, and reading skills with these fun board games:
    Scrabble and Scrabble Jr.: kids always have fun with these classics. The junior version is best for kids who are still learning how to spell. (Vietnamese parents can find Scrabble at and

    – Monopoly: Monopoly has endured as one of the best family board games of all time. Based on owning and renting property as you progress around the game board, Monopoly can help train your little one the financial mindset. (For Vietnamese parents: Buy Monopoly at or
    Zingo! Sight Words: Help younger kids learn their sight words with this bingo format. (For Vietnamese parents: Buy Zingo at or

Choosing a gift that has meaning and appeals to your child can be a challenging balancing act. We hope these suggestions can give you some ideas to make this Christmas the most memorable for your child and make her dreams come true! If you have any other tips for finding meaningful gifts for kids, let us know in the comment!



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