Mental Math Tricks – Calculator No More


✨ Be “cool” by doing mental math! ✨

We cannot deny, math is a “hard to swallow” science. However, mental math is an interesting aspect of mathematics. The more we learn, the more surprised and excited by the neat calculations and rapid results.
Let us show you some effective mental math tricks in pictures below!

Subtracting from 1000

Trick: Subtract every number from 9 except the last subtracted from 10.

Easy-peasy! Since now, kids will show the answer just by looking at the math problems like this. It also applies for 10000, 100000, or even 10000000

Multiply Numbers That End With Zero

Trick: multiply the first numbers and add the zeros after.

Well, this little trick becomes effective when kids do calculations regarding … money (supermarket payments, currency conversion, …)

Multiplying in Parts

Trick: mentally multiply in part then adding the results.

At first, practice on paper. After a while, the numbers will automatically be “placed” in kids’ heads and kids will be able to do mental math easily.

Multiply Numbers by 11

Trick: Add those digits together. Stick that digit between 2 digits at first.

Let’s look at the examples, the tip for multiplying by 11 is: keep the first and last digits, add every pair of numbers together (pair of numbers with a total of 10 or more, keep the number in units, add 1 to the previous number). Now let’s try 4546 x 11 and 45462 x 11 and share with us your answer in comment!


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