A Poem: Mystery in Thievery


E2 student wrote the following poem. Nhu, our climber, describes being on a particular planet, with daily activities and one most magical moment.

I live on a planet,
a place with no concept of:
day and night,
dawn and dusk,
soon and late.
Just like I’m in a time loop,
a fixed agenda for everyday, doesn’t change at all.
It all begins with:
I hop,
I skip,
I bounce,
I float,
with a rock on my hand (for no reason), finding something to eat.
Closer and closer,
that illumination,
that warmth,
that aroma.
It always fulfills me.
Guess what?
Those are humans,
or should I say more specifically,
scientists and astronauts.
You’re thinking I’m going to eat them, aren’t you?
No, no, no!
I’m a vegan who is always desperate for the Earth’s fresh, green and spherical vegetables.
An impossible mission (can be considered as a daily routine) called:
“Rescue the Veggie – RV.”
Slowly and slowly,
crawling to the greenhouse of Nasa’s Space Center.
Cautiously open the creaky door.
Holy fabulous!
My eyes shine bright like diamonds every time.
Those are the treasures that are beyond measure.
Harvesting and collecting without any doubt,
until my front pocket is about to tear apart.

Glancing and glimpsing,
tiptoeing and hiding,
sneaky and suspicious.
Completing the mission,
escaping from the danger.
I can possibly be trapped with a snap.
It’s absolutely risky like whiskey.
But in the end,
dashing back to my lair,
munching those cabbage like a savage,
rewriting the stars in my head.
It’s the most wonderful moment.


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