On February 30th, 3021


Việt Bách’s Final Project is such an entertaining story 😀

Start writing! \

February 30th, 3021.

I’m Finn and I am the leader of chicken. We will attack Earth to revenge humans when they keep killing my fellow to make food. The Story happens 900 years ago when humans starting to move the farm which has our ancestors in it. They kill our ancestors to make chicken burgers.

Throughout the history of chickens, humans had killed millions of our fellows and today is the day for us to revenge. I had lead Team 1 which has 135435364 chickens to attack Earth from the North Pole, Team 2 with 134352635 chickens attack EarthFrom South Pole and team 3 with 865475545354 will land on Equador and attack the Equator.

OHHHH NO!!! Team 1 and 2 have been defeated when they are trying to reach the target. NOOO. Our dream to make chicken the most powerful species in the world has been destroyed. No, I will gather all chickens left on the space and I will revenge again, human….

                                                                                            TO BE CONTINUED


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