Universities in Big City VS. in Small Town

Chuyện du học 101: Should you pick a university-based on its location?

This is one of the factors to consider before embarking on your study abroad adventure. Choosing a school based on location, especially between a bustling big city and a peaceful small town, offers advantages and disadvantages. Is it “better” to study abroad in a big city than in a small town? Let’s look at the many considerations of selecting a school based on location in this article.

1. University Community

Big city: unlikely to provide you with a high level of connection within the campus community. Instead of gathering on campus, students might live anywhere in the city. Additionally, because there are many other exciting things to do in a big city, students will not spend much time on campus.

On the other hand, small towns have tightly populated dorms and located on or near campus. In addition, students may spend their free time on campus doing everything from participating in activities to enjoying entertainment. As a consequence, it will have a better relationship with the school’s community.

2. Diversity of cultures

This is, without a doubt, the most popular destination for international students. As a reason, cultural variety is more significant in large cities. Meeting students in large cities is a terrific way to meet people from other cultures and learn about them.

Small towns, in contrast, provide a more local experience – a more authentic American culture and lifestyle – despite the lack of cultural diversity seen in major cities.

3. Cost of living

The most obvious thing about big cities, especially in the United States, is expensive. Before making a decision, think about your study abroad budget.

Reasonable, most small towns offer affordable pricing for everything from food to accommodation and entertainment.

4. Opportunities for employment

The best businesses are all situated in big cities, and the experiences and opportunities are far more diverse. In a nutshell, studying abroad in a big city will help you approach and get closer to internship and career prospects in the future.

There are still many industries that are constantly expanding in small towns, but you may have to compete for an internship position here since the number of available positions is too limited. However, in this day and age of rapid information technology growth, remote work is becoming increasingly common. And, if you consider transportation and work opportunities, you can easily get a job in a big city while still living in a small town.

Your final goal

What is your decision?

Each city has its unique set of perks and disadvantages. To make the best decision, look over your goals and priorities.

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