3 Top Skills STEAM Space Explorers Squad Summer Camp Will Equip Your Kids


These are essential skills to every true 21st-century citizen. Explore now!

1. Communication

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Do parents know: expanding vocabulary, a dynamic environment, learning under the guidance of teachers, teamwork are factors that help children master communication skills. All of these elements will converge at our STEAM Summer Camp. Kids will use the maximum amount of time to embark on projects, thereby developing the ability to present, persuade, or even motivate and cheer teammates – essential elements for successful communication.

2. Critical thinking

According to Dell Technologies, 85% of the jobs in 2030 haven’t even been invented yet. The question is, what skill will remain its value despite the changes? The World Economic Forum also quickly concluded, critical thinking is one of the skills “vital” for career opportunities from now to the future. And if parents and students plan to apply to any liberal colleges, this skill is the critical value of this progressive education program. Working on projects helps kids stay focused on their projects and simultaneously expresses their opinions, comments and even debate.

3. Presentation

Do you know your kids’ thoughts need to be expressed with words? That’s why presentations are a part of the E2 curriculum. Building confidence when giving public presentations is something you need to cultivate regularly. STEAM Summer Camp is the perfect “space” for them to practice.

Besides, Summer Camp will be a rewarding experience to help them gain knowledge, have fun with friends, and keep the moments of lively summertime.

 E2 2021 Summer will be full of adventures, through which your English, Math, STEAM skills will be explored. Find the “ticket” to launch into space at http://bit.ly/E2-summer-2021.

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