3 Ways for Your Child to Develop Native English Thinking

The nature of language is intricate. Achieving fluent and authentic English usage, comparable to that of native speakers, goes beyond theoretical learning. Fluently navigating English with native-like thinking requires discerning word nuances and applying language across diverse scenarios. To attain these proficiencies, learners require an environment abundant in English engagement. Vietnam’s international schools provide unique advantages for your child’s holistic English skill development. Through interactive discussions, collaborative projects, and exposure to diverse cultural contexts, students naturally absorb the language’s many facets. Moreover, an international school’s curriculum is often designed to encourage critical thinking and effective communication in English.

Yet, many parents observe their children grappling with English utilization and experiencing limited progress in language acquisition. Each child’s language absorption abilities are unique, necessitating tailored support from both families and educators to unlock their linguistic potential.

Recognizing the pivotal importance of this context, the present article endeavors to delve deeper into the subject matter by elucidating how Everest Education (‘E2’) is at the forefront of offering families a comprehensive array of meticulously crafted strategies. These strategies not only organically stimulate English thinking but also play a pivotal role in nurturing a versatile language aptitude among young learners. This article serves as an illuminating guide, shedding light on the multifaceted approaches E2 employs, underlining their efficacy in fostering linguistic dexterity that goes beyond conventional paradigms.

1. Guiding Your Child to Understand Different Meanings of Vocabulary

English boasts a rich vocabulary system where words can acquire fresh meanings within diverse contexts, intonations, and pronunciations. Hence, relying solely on literal translation while learning English isn’t an effective strategy for your child. However, this approach is common among many students in Vietnam due to the lack of exposure to varied linguistic contexts that naturally nurture language comprehension. Yet, translating word by word disrupts the flow of thought in a foreign language, diminishing your child’s English fluency.

To help your child avoid this learning pitfall, parents should elucidate the multiple meanings words can hold. This enables your child to grasp that direct translation isn’t suitable, urging them to consider other language nuances to grasp the sentence’s essence.

Parents can initiate by consulting dictionaries to uncover alternative word meanings. Subsequently, utilizing vibrant imagery and real-life examples, parents can illuminate each meaning, aiding your child in distinguishing and retaining the diverse word connotations and their adaptable usage scenarios.


2. Providing Opportunities for Your Child to Engage with English Books and Movies

During the initial years of schooling, children naturally absorb and retain new languages. Thus, reading books and watching movies stand out as effective techniques to increase their language exposure. Through these mediums, youngsters encounter various language uses in different scenarios, helping them comprehend natural language patterns and apply their knowledge in everyday situations. Furthermore, movies can enhance listening and speaking skills as children tend to mimic dialogues they enjoy, thereby refining pronunciation. Moreover, reading aids writing skills, exposing children to diverse writing styles and vocabulary.

Hence, the selection process of movies and books is vital. While these activities are often seen as entertainment, with careful choices and efficient time management, they can remarkably contribute to language development. Prioritizing varied content allows children to explore the world holistically. Parents should focus on age-appropriate content and encourage children to choose what they enjoy. By offering a natural English exposure, a joyful English learning experience is guaranteed.

3. Creating a Setting for Using Words in Multiple Contexts

Grasping the meanings of words and applying them in different situations enhances a child’s adaptability in using language. Yet, the skills they learn might remain underutilized without practical application in their daily life. To make the most of your child’s English skills, parents can provide chances for English communication during everyday activities. For students in international schools, the global environment naturally boosts their English language abilities. Nonetheless, if your child needs more room and time to unleash their potential, enrolling them in after-school classes or extracurricular activities to enhance their English prowess becomes essential. During these opportunities, children interact with English in diverse and dynamic ways, fostering a stronger affection for the language.

In E2’s classes, students develop their English proficiency through project-based learning, offering opportunities to explore and discover knowledge through group projects. This enhances healthy competition among students and cultivates self-learning skills. Moreover, the blended learning approach incorporated in E2’s classes allows students to engage with modern technology directly in their lessons, promising swift knowledge acquisition.

Additionally, E2’s “climbers” frequently participate in exciting extracurricular activities to enhance their English and establish connections with peers. Recently, E2 organized a “POPCORN & BEYOND” movie day for summer program students, where they could delve into new vocabulary through the enjoyable experience of watching movies. Children had the opportunity to transform into characters and engage in creative activities like acting and scriptwriting. Through these activities, they have the chance to use English while having fun with friends, creating an engaging English application experience.

If you’re seeking a companion to aid your child’s English skill development for an international school, E2 is a fitting choice. During this back-to-school season, E2 is offering a free trial and a 15% discount for students enrolling in our English Language Arts course at our center. With the dedication of experienced teaching professionals, innovative teaching methods, and a variety of engaging extracurricular activities, E2 aims to empower your child to excel in their English skills, ensuring their confident development in an international environment.


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