5 Virtual Summer Camps Your Kids Will Love 2021


Virtual Summer Camp – Why not?

This summer is probably the strangest summer of all time for our students.  They had to wrap up everything they learned all of a sudden, took all end-of-term exams within a few days, no closing ceremony, no saying goodbye to friends and teachers… all because of the new wave of Covid cases.

Even though we are in “the second year of Covid” already, students might not have gotten used to the new routine of summer – where everything has to happen behind the doors. 

In the era of social distancing, many places worldwide adopted alternative methods to accommodate best learning for students during the summer.  At Everest Education, we also believe that taking an online summer course during this “lockdown” summer will be a smart move to keep your child learning and growing.

Online summer school is a great way for students at all levels and abilities to gain new skills, try out new interests and avoid the “summer learning slide” – where much of what our kids learned during the school year is forgotten over the summer.  Believe it or not, there are some enormous advantages to online classes, as they provide more flexibility than in-person courses.

And given the current situation, enrolling in a virtual summer camp is the best option parents can do to give your children a fun-filled summer.  The good news is that there are thousands of online courses available for kids of all ages.  However, how can you find a good online course for your kid?

This article will suggest 5 virtual online courses about 5 different ranges of subjects – so that matter what your kid’s interest is, there is always a course she’ll love.  The beauty of these online courses is that kids can learn at their own pace while parents can be there to help, encourage and watch them enjoy learning in a comfortable environment. 

1. Be a young artist with CMC’s online course

A great fun summer course option is painting and drawing if you have a young artist at home. CMC Kidz is providing an online drawing course for young kids to introduce them to the concept of creative drawing.  The system consists of 5 topics with 10 creative activities, where your kids get to learn how to organize shapes and lines, how to use simple materials and objects around the house to create their own artworks. Beautifully designed by experienced artists, this course will give your kids the tools they need to begin their artistic journey into self-expression, reflection and creative thinking. 

2. Learn STEAM skills at Everest Education’s Virtual Summer Camp

As demand for coders, game developers, robotics engineers, and creative minds continues to increase, STEAM skills are becoming more necessary and getting a lot of attention from parents around the world.  The challenge is that most kids spend their time – school – doesn’t traditionally offer STEAM subjects.  Thus, STEAM summer camps provide the opportunity for middle schoolers to dive into such learning and build valuable STEAM skills. 

This summer, Everest Education offers Virtual Summer Camp for the first time – in the theme of “SPACE EXPLORER SQUAD.” Students will learn using English, Mathematics, STEAM, scientific research, and project development skills on this starfaring journey. These will be the students’ first steps in their adventure to reveal the truth of the universe through diverse activities: hands-on science, technology, engineering, art, and math in a 100% all-English environment. 

Using the ClassIn platform (top 50 global ed-tech by GSV), Everest’s STEAM Virtual Summer Camp will not like any other meeting platform such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, students can join live classes, group chats, play games, do quizzes and connect with like-minded friends using smart learning tools. They can also do projects, make a presentation and receive a detailed report to learn of their progress.

  • Best for ages of 6 and up
  • Learn more at

3. Bridge the learning gap with Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is a famous non-profit MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) provider. This is one of the most comprehensive educational resources globally, with free online courses that essentially address every topic a student could encounter from Pre-K to 12th grade. 

Khan Academy began in 2005 when Salman Khan developed a system for tutoring his cousins. A graduate of MIT and Harvard, he quickly grew his online learning platform to reach students of all ages throughout the world.  Today the Khan Academy offers a comprehensive curriculum to students in kindergarten through college. Its contents have been translated into over 36 languages and run by a team of over 150 people who continue to enhance the available course catalog. Nonetheless, it remains true to its mission “to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere.”

As Khan Academy Kids includes thousands of interactive activities for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners that are aligned with the Common Core Standards, this could be an essential resource for students if they have a gap in knowledge of a specific topic or subject. Students can watch, re-watch, and do exercises to practice until they master the concept.  The only downside is that because Khan Academy is asynchronous, you have to keep an eye on your child to make sure they are learning.

4. DIY Summer Camp with DIY

DIY site offers amazing age-to-age lessons, tips and tricks, crafts, games and activities to get your kids through this summer.  Through their app, kids at any level can enjoy virtual classes such as “Photography,” “Become a Music Star,” “Build anything with Lego,” and “Drawing Bootcamp.” Children can also learn some fancy skills like digital art, app development, cartooning, cooking, data visualization, entrepreneurship, and even bike repairs. Each type of skill is classified as a different challenge to intrigue students to learn more and share their works with other kids around the world.

Parents can let your child start with a 14-day free trial to gain unlimited access to all DIY’s content before buying a paid package.

5. Learn Yoga with Udemy

Get your kids moving during the summer break with the Kids Yoga class! Udemy offers an online yoga class for children from 3 years old.  This yoga-based exercise program combines yoga, hula hooping and relaxation techniques in every class. The course will move through fun, imaginative yoga poses where kids can pretend they are flying high in the sky, growing into a tree, and traveling in outer space with their hula hoop! 

In this class, Miss Jessica will teach your children much common yoga poses in a fun way to keep them engaged, help build their self-confidence while keeping them active and healthy in a non-competitive atmosphere.  Children will learn some Sanskrit words like Namaste. They will learn the words for peace and love in another poem that helps them build compassion.  By the end of the class, your child might be able to teach you a thing or two about yoga, some imaginative poses and even how to use the hula hoop!

Summer school can be a valuable and worthwhile experience for students who want to continue strengthening and developing their learning skills during the summer. No matter what summer activities you choose, we hope the season is filled with fun, new adventures, and learning together.

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