6 Tips To Motivate Your Child To Study

As kids get older, there is increasing pressure on them to finish their homework and keep up with their tasks. While some students quickly finish their assignments on time, other students find it difficult to start.

Most parenting methods such as rules, consequences, and rewards don’t work because they create the wrong kind of motivation. Parents need to encourage children positively. Forcing your children to complete tasks may stop their study time, which will make developing their self-motivation much more challenging.

Check out these tips to know how to motivate your child to study and find the drive to get homework done.

1. Find Out The Reason 

For a variety of reasons, your children might not be motivated to study. Parents and children can create a strategy to get over the obstacles inhibiting homework completion by identifying the cause of the issue.

Lack of motivation could have several causes, including:

  • Poor understanding of the material
  • Unsuitable work for their learning style
  • School-related anxiety
  • Insufficient confidence

Parents can ask children what makes them feel unmotivated to study through table talk.

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2. Make Study Time Easier

Make study time as convenient as possible for your child by providing them with everything needed to get work done:

  • Quiet space: Find a quiet, distraction-free space for your child to study.
  • Food and drink: If your child is hungry, it can be hard to focus on work. Give your child a light snack before a study session and plenty of water to ensure they can remain focused.
  • The right tools: Make sure pencils, an eraser, a calculator, and other important tools are easily accessible so time isn’t wasted trying to find them.

3. Create A Study Plan Together

Children do well with structure—having a solid study plan in place will help keep your children on track. Sit down with your children and create a plan for completing homework each night. Including your children in the process will help keep them engaged (and more willing to adhere to the plan!)

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Your plan should include:

  • When homework is to be done each day
  • How much time should be spent on homework
  • How often to take breaks and for how long
  • What tasks should be prioritized (i.e. assignments that are due the soonest)

4. Create A Reward System

Build a reward system with your children so they have something to look forward to once study time is complete—the key to staying motivated when studying. The rewards can be as simple as watching TV once homework is done or collecting ‘points’ after each study session to use for something special.

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5. Encourage Your Children To Set Small Goals

Encourage your children to set small, achievable study goals based on what needs to be accomplished. Setting goals gives your children clear directions for what needs to be done, and boosts confidence when they accomplish these goals.

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Some examples of studying goals include:

  • Read one chapter of the assigned reading
  • Review notes for twenty minutes
  • Complete 5 practice questions from the textbook

6. Provide Support For Your Children

Keep open communication with your children, and offer support when needed. This might include making arrangements to talk with your children’s teacher, getting your children some extra help, or just lending an ear when your children are feeling overwhelmed. Knowing that support is available will help your children develop the confidence to tackle any problems that might arise.

Use the advice above to help your child develop healthy study habits and avoid the dreaded homework struggle. While it’s crucial for parents to ensure that their children finish their homework, it’s equally crucial to avoid pressuring them. Instead, concentrate on making study time enjoyable for your child so that they will become more motivated to finish it on time.

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