8 Summer Camps in International Schools 2021

In the previous article, you’ve already known why kids should join the summer camp and explore https://blog.e2.com.vn/6-amazing-summer-camps-in-ho-chi-minh-city-2021/

Besides creative summer camps at learning centers, international schools in Ho Chi Minh City are also ready to join your kid’s summer journey with fantastic summer camps. Summer camps in international schools bring kids an open academic space and excellent extracurricular activities. Several topics such as Nature, Animal Conservation, Science, Technology, Art – are chances for kids to self-discover, self-learn, gain knowledge and have fun with friends.

So what’s new in 2021 international schools’ summer camps? What will kids learn from these camps and spend their precious summer days smarter?

In this article, Everest Education will suggest 8 summer camps held at international schools in Ho Chi Minh City to help parents easily find the ideal summer for kids.

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8 Summer Camps in International Schools 2021

1. BVIS Summer School 2021

To follow the success of previous summer camps, BVIS continues to bring a unique summer camp, “Our Planet.” BVIS’s summer camp is designed to cater to the diverse needs of students.  This summer camp is ideal for students to structure around four key aspects: Academic Development, Skills Development, Literacy and Health Education and Sport through several activities and real experiences. The BVIS Summer program will begin on the 21st of June and run until the 09th of July 2021.

2. VAS Summer Camp 2021

VAS summer camp 2021 takes the theme “My summer, my adventure” for students from grades 1 to 10. Coming to VAS summer camp, students can enhance their English academic proficiency to prepare for the coming school year and enjoy an exciting summer through excursions, camps, and field trips such as exploring the SNOW TOWN, experiencing the culture of Southwest Vietnam … For the first time at the VAS Summer Camp, students can access intensive drama, Sports and Art skills according to their interests. In particular, the 4-day 3-night camp in Hoi An – Da Nang or Quang Binh – an opportunity to learn about the natural beauty, culture and people in different regions of the country; to enrich their knowledge and 21st-century skills – is the most attractive skills when it comes to this summer camp. All these elements are perfectly designed into 2 options which are suitable for a wide range of students.

  • Available ages: Grade 1 to Grade 10
  • Length of course: 6 weeks (14/6/2021 – 22/07/2021)
  • Location: 7 campuses of VAS
  • Pricing: Tuition fee is 4,713,000 – 9,144,000VND/week (depending on student’s grade and course). Please go to the website below for more information.
  • Contact: 0911 26 77 55
  • Website: https://www.vas.edu.vn/summercamps/

3. AIS Summer Camp 2021

Summer Camp at Australia International School this year features English Language Program with collaborative learning.  AIS Summer Camp is a four-week program with a strong focus on English language development, structured to address speaking, listening, reading, and writing across various text types, including academic language and expressing ideas.  ICT, sports, arts & crafts, music, and cooking are also included in the program.  The activities also help children develop skills such as communication, expressing ideas while having fun doing mini projects to consolidate their learning.

  • Available ages: students from 18 months – 17 years old
  • Length of course: 4 weeks (22/6/2021 – 23/07/2021)
  • Location: Thao Dien, Thu Thiem and XI campus of AIS
  • Pricing: Tuition fee is 2,600,000 – 6,200,000VND/week (depending on student’s grade). Please go to the website below for more information.
  • Contact: (+84) 28 3742 4040
  • Website:https://www.aisvietnam.com/student-life/holiday-programmes/summer-programme/

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4. ISHCMC Summer Camp 2021

As an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, the International School Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC) has a reputation for the quality of education and a comprehensive, modern learning environment.  This summer, ISHCMC continues to bring a summer camp “DREAM BIG 21”, which lasts for 5 weeks from June 21 to July 23.

DREAM BIG 21 Summer Camp is divided into weekly topics.  Each theme stands alone as a unique project-based learning experience.  Students will interact with the weekly theme through a fun mix of sports, team-building, activities, cooking classes, weekly projects and life skills.    With a focus on building confidence, these individual learning experiences will help guide students on their larger journey as lifelong learners.

  • Available ages: students from 5 – 13 years old
  • Length of course: 5 weeks (21/6/2021 – 23/07/2021)
  • Location: ISHCMC Secondary Campus, 1 Xuan Thuy, Thao Dien, District 2, HCMC
  • Pricing: Parents can register for 2,3 or 4 weeks of camp. Tuition fee for 2 weeks is 15,100,000 VND. Please go to the website below for more information.
  • Contact: Mr. Steve Lanning: Steve@inspireeducamps.org | 0364 669 256
  • Website: https://www.ishcmc.com/life-at-ishcmc/community-events/ishcmc-summer-camp-2021

5. ISSP Summer Camp 2021

Together with Camp Asia – the leading holiday camp provider in Singapore, this summer, the International School Saigon Pearl (ISSP), offers Summer Camp Action and Fun for Global Planeteers 2021 for all children from 2 to 11 years of age. Kids will investigate and explore the Earth system (Land, Water, Air and Life) and the Astronomical system (Earth, Moon, Sun, Solar and other systems in the universe through a fun mix of STEAM, sports, team-building activities, outdoor games, art classes, and weekly projects.   Through literacy, hands-on projects, and daily activities, your child will look through the lens of scientists, explorers, and philosophers as they navigate concepts such as Energy saver, Global Planeteers, Tech-savvy kids and Mindful moments.

  • Available ages: students from 2 – 11 years old
  • Length of course: 4 weeks (21/6/2021 – 16/07/2021)
  • Location: ISSP Campus,  92 Nguyen Huu Canh Street, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District, HCMC
  • Pricing: Parents can register for 2,3 or 4 weeks of camp. Tuition fee is 14,000,000 – 28,000,000 VND.
  • Contact: admissions@issp.edu.vn | +84 (028) 2222 7788
  • Website: https://www.issp.edu.vn/campasia

6. CISS Summer Camp 2021

The theme – Raises Fund For Wildlife Preservation – is expected to nurture children’s love for animals, raise their awareness of the preservation of endangered animals according to the IUCN Red List. This Summer Camp will last 4 weeks from July 5th to July 30th, 2021 for students at the age from 6 to 15 inside and outside of the school. Students will take an intensive English program, develop 6 LEARNING SKILLS, including: Independent work, Responsibility, Collaboration, Initiative, Self-Regulation and Organization and participate in experiential and inquiry-based learning through field trips and afternoon activities.

7. WASS Summer Camp 2021

Joining the 2021 summer vibe is WASS summer camp. With 3 different topics – Digital Tech Camp, Space Science Camp, Arts Camp for students to choose, give them ways to create their own summer adventures. WASS Summer Camp consists of 6 weeks and is open to students of all grades. Some high school advanced activities highlights are Business tour, Career Tour: Learning about business majors at universities, …

  • Available ages: students from 2 – 17 years old
  • Length of course: 6 weeks (14/06/2021 – 24/07/2021)
  • Location:  WASS campuses
  • Pricing: 17,400,000 – 20,060,000 VND
  • Contact: (028) 7109 5077 | Email: info@wass.edu.vn
  • Website: https://wass.edu.vn/en/pages/summer-camp

8. RISS Summer Camp 2021

Meeting the diverse interests and talents of the campers, Renaissance International School Summer Camp offers a variety of play-but-learn activities such as: Sports, Physical Education, STEM, Nghe Art, Cooking, Music, Technology, Film. Under the theme of Body, Mind, and Spirit, Renaissance’s 3-week summer camp is designed for holistic physical and linguistics development.

  • Available ages: students from 3 – 14 years old
  • Length of course: 3 weeks (28/06/2021 – 16/07/2021)
  • Location:  74 Nguyen Thi Thap, Binh Thuan Ward, District 7, HCMC
  • Pricing: 20,680,000 – 27,150,000 VND
  • Contact: (028) 3 7733 171 | Email: info@renaissance.edu.vn
  • Website: https://www.renaissance.edu.vn/admissions/summerschool


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