Best Websites for Kids to Learn English

ELSA app –

ELSA coaches you to speak English with American pronunciation. Powered by award-winning speech recognition technology, ELSA figures out where your pronunciation mistakes are and shows you how to improve.

-Sabrina Devitt, Senior Academic Manager-

CK 12 –

ck12CK12 features subject-specific (English, Maths and Science) resources; including textbooks, videos, exercises and flashcards. These are great for practicing core content independently.

-Tim Odell, English teacher-

TedEd –

ted edWithin TED-Ed’s growing library of lessons, you can find many useful educational videos that can be filtered by levels and topics. TedEd’s suggestions and discussions are also really engaging.

-Jerich Abon, Climber teacher –

Tim’s Pronunciation Workshop Youtube Series

Tim’s Pronunciation Workshop contains a series of YouTube videos about spoken English, which is really good for pronouncing common phrases. This is a very useful learning resource for students to become better listeners and more fluent speakers.

-Daniel Byer, Curriculum Developer- has tons of interesting articles and videos about a wide variety of topics. These are broken into broad categories to make searching for articles easy.

-Trung Pham, Foundation teacher-

Tiny Cards by Duolingo –

Duolingo offers a wide array of language-learning courses with a lot of vocabulary flash cards. This site is extremely good at building second language vocabulary. Its unique features and clear structure make it a compelling platform for learning or strengthening skills in the language of your choice.

-Thu Truong, Foundation teacher-

Learn and Diagram on Quizlet –

Quizlet is a web-database of over 400 million flashcards and quiz sets created by students, for students. You can find many useful sets using pre-made lists, or you can customize your own.

-Kara Michelsen, Climber teacher-

British Council’s Learning English –

This is definitely an engaging app designed to practice all English skills. It offers various games based on videos that fall under these categories: testing understanding, spelling and speaking skills.

-Kim Hong Ngoc, Basecamp teacher-

NewsELA –

Newsela is a free online news-as-literacy platform that provides reading materials based on non-fiction texts. It’s easy to find suitable articles because they’re available at a variety of reading levels. The content is updated daily, with stories from a wide range of sources.

-Linh Nguyen, VIP teacher-

Reading Eggs –

British Council Reading Eggs is a comprehensive online reading program designed to hone students’ reading skills with hundreds of online reading games and activities, phonics games, books and other reading practice.

-Chau Bui, Basecamp teacher-

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