It looks a lot like Christmas outside!


Christmas is our little climbers’ most beloved holiday of the year. Let’s explore what they love the most at Christmas! And dear, are you excited about Christmas (as much as we are ^^)? We can’t wait to spread this festive vibe in the air ❤

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❄️Duong Que Chi – Basecamp B talked about Xmas


My favorite holiday is Christmas. At Christmas, Santa Claus rides the fast reindeers. They go around the world. Then Santa Claus gives the gifts for everybody. On Christmas day, I stay at home and play games. I celebrate at home. Next I go to the restaurant. Then I go to Nguyen Hue Street. The Christmas on December 24-25. Christmas is important because is Jesus Christ’s birthday. My favorite holiday because I can have gift.

? From Vo Trong Bao Long (Tom) – Basecamp A

He said,

“My favourite holiday is Christmas. Me and friends spend Christmas together. We have presents. And we have a party at school a 6Pm. I like Christmas because it is fun.”

? and we have Tran Viet Kien (Rio) – Basecamp B


My favorite holiday is Christmas. I celebrate with my dad, mom, big brother, grandma and grandpa. There are lots of people celebrating Christmas all over the world. I make cookies and milk for Santa Claus. Santa Claus is a person who gives presents to people. I celebrate at my home. I make food. I make balloons to stick in the wall. Christmas is on Wednesday, 25th December. Christmas is important because it is Jesus Crist birthday. I love Christmas because it is fun.”


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