5 Benefits When Kids Learn Math In English


Incorporating English into other subjects like Mathematics, Science is recently a popular trend, especially in bilingual schools and integrated programs. But why do our kids have to learn Math in English? Let’s discover 5 undeniable learning Math in English below!

Practice English in the language of Math

The most benefit of learning Math in English is that children can practice English while solving Math. Vocabulary, terms, or knowledge of Mathematics are still being used in everyday life. Therefore, learning Math in English helps children become familiar and apply them to practice. For example, your child will easily help you to pay bills, go to the supermarket, make payments when you two travel abroad.

Take advantage of huge online learning resources

Having a good knowledge of Math in English still allows them to take full advantage of online resources out there. The internet nowadays provides us with tons of free, useful, and enriching Math learning sites, applications, resources from renowned universities, and other educational institutions. The only problem is: they are all in English.

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Ready for international math competitions

Vietnamese students can confidently conquer international math competitions such as IMO, SASMO, IKMC by mastering Mathematics in English. Of course, the international arenas will require students of a certain capacity. But a good foundation in Math learning in English from the beginning will be a launch pad to help children conquer these competitions.

Advantages for studying abroad

A good foundation of English is always an advantage in the story of studying abroad, especially in winning scholarships from top universities. To be able to achieve these scholarships, students need to take international certification such as IB, AP, IGCSE, A-level, or GMAT, GRE – all certificates require Mathematics tests in English.

Deepen critical and creative thinking skills

If creativity is considered the most important business skill, critical thinking is one of the keys to success in the 21st century. Creative thinking and critical thinking can be formed from studying, especially from Math. In math, creative thinking occurs when students generalize. To generalize, children need to analyze the problem first to see the same or the differences of things, to recognize the constant and the changes, … At Everest Education, we offer Singapore Math system, which has been proven to be especially effective for young students, and apply the CPA method (Concrete – Pictorial – Abstract) to make the students’ Math learning experience interesting and comprehensively develop all these skills.

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