How did E2 Climbers conquer the international schools in HCMC?

The international school is one of the top educational choices today, providing students with the opportunity to access a progressive, global education. However, to be admitted to international schools, students must meet the requirements of academic ability, especially in English and Math.

However, some students find it challenging to succeed in international school exams because they are unfamiliar with the exam format and do not have the right strategy. Therefore, they have had failed attempts and become discouraged at the very beginning of their plan to conquer international schools.

Understanding the difficulties that students face in taking international school exams, Everest Education (“E2”) offers the most suitable solutions for families to quickly narrow down the current limitations of students. Then build a personalized Math and English learning program to bring them closer to the most important goal. We believe this will be a great testament to the tireless efforts of the students. And this is also the result of the effective training method that we have passionately helped the students step by step to conquer their goals. With over 12 years of experience, we have supported students who have successfully passed the international school exam. Here are their stories.

Story 1: Passing the international school entrance exam after only 1 month of preparation

An Nhu and Kha Nhu, both Ngo Thoi Nhiem High School students, came to Everest Education (“E2”) to enter an international school. After self-studying to find the right learning methods for their daughters, their parents realized that they needed a customized learning journey to quickly achieve their goal of attending an international school.

At E2, the sisters took an entrance exam to assess their current abilities. Based on the results, E2 designed a personalized English learning program for the students, helping them to quickly pass the AIS international school entrance exam after only 1-2 months of studying at E2.

With the same goal of helping their children pass the international school entrance exam, the parents of T. Minh and T. Kiet also came to E2 to find an effective study solution after their children had failed the exam on their first attempt.

When E2 identified the knowledge that the two children were still lacking in Mathematics and English, they designed a personalized learning program for each child with a 1-on-1 tutoring course (45 hours for each subject).

With their hard work and the dedicated guidance of their teachers, in August 2022, both children successfully passed the ISHCMC AA entrance exam, which was a surprise to everyone.

The learning journey at E2 for the two children included:

– International standard entrance exam: This helps the children to assess their current abilities and weaknesses in Mathematics and English, and then to build a personalized learning journey according to the direction of each student.

– International learning environment: We always encourage students to actively communicate with friends and teachers in 100% English to increase their reflexes and sensitivity to the language.

– Continuous learning support: E2 provides useful after-school support sessions to help students answer questions about homework and any difficulties they may encounter.

– Learning assessment: We often have open sharing sessions with families and keep in touch through a report card of the children’s learning outcomes. This ensures that parents always promptly keep up with the children’s learning progress.

With the support of the teachers throughout the lesson, the children quickly achieved their goals. They took the international learning environment as a solid “springboard” for their outstanding development in the future.

Story 2: Surprising progress: from a weak math student to successfully conquering the international school entrance exam in just 10 classes

Over many years of teaching, Everest Education has always been proud of its students’ significant progress after participating in the knowledge enrichment classes at E2. One proof of this is the case of Thu Van, a student of Mr. Willian’s Math tutoring class.

Starting out as the weakest math student in the class without the motivation to strive for this subject. However, something unexpected happened. After participating in 10 one-on-one classes with Mr. Willian with a curriculum adjusted to her own ability, Thu Van successfully passed the international school entrance exam with an impressive math score.

Thu Van shared, “I really like the lessons with Mr. William because of his dedication and engaging math teaching methods. I myself can’t believe that I have not only come to love math more, but also become more proficient in my math skills, rising to become one of the best math students in the class.”

This rapid progress proves one thing: that children always have the ability to improve any limitations and “level up” in their studies when they have a suitable learning method and a dedicated companion.

Story 3: Raising the bar: E2 student scores perfect math scores

On the journey to help students develop their language and math skills, Everest Education (“E2”) is proud to have helped many students achieve breakthrough results. One of these students is Bao Khang, a student in Math C6.

Bao Khang is always enthusiastic and actively participates in all classroom activities. With the dedicated guidance of E2 teachers, Khang has consistently scored near-perfect scores in 3 Math quizzes: 100 – 100 – 97.5!

The question of how to let children learn and play to the fullest is always parents’ most significant concern. Understanding this concern, the English Math class at E2 helps children not only develop their mathematical potential but also develop the necessary soft skills through advanced learning methods.

We design the curriculum based on the Common Core State Standards of the United States – an effective educational standard in the United States. This standard emphasizes consistency and connectivity in students’ learning process, through practice and the use of technology. That is why we apply integrated learning and project-based learning methods in the curriculum.

With the integrated learning method, students can combine traditional learning methods and apply technology with their friends through online games such as Kahoot!, Blooket, etc. This way, we encourage them to show a healthy competitive spirit and actively participate in competitions, challenges, and exciting math games.

With the project-based learning method, students have the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have learned to real-world problems. This helps them develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills.

Story 4: Thomas Edison once said: “Genius is 1% talent and 99% hard work.”

When talking about the proud achievements of students, E2 cannot help but mention the outstanding breakthrough of Mr. Pham D. D. Khoa after only 2 Private Tutoring courses in English.

? Previously, Khoa always had difficulty expressing his opinions in English. After a journey of constantly enriching his vocabulary and practicing his Speaking skills using the immediate error correction and repetition method, Khoa began to react faster and deliver presentations more fluently.

Through this, Khoa not only improved his English communication skills significantly but also applied his abilities to be accepted to his dream university in Canada, continuing to fly even further with a solid English foundation.

? Don’t let the English barrier prevent your child from reaching better learning opportunities!

Parting Words

We are always proud to be a long-term partner of international schools in Ho Chi Minh City with over 12 years of experience accompanying generations of students on their journey to conquer their dream schools. Therefore, if parents are planning to send their children to an international school, Everest Education will be a suitable place to “entrust” to support their children from the preparation stage for the entrance exam to the leaps and bounds of their children during their years of study at the international school. We believe that every child has the potential to succeed in an international school. With our help, your child can reach their full potential and achieve their dreams.

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