Personalized Education for Children’s Success

In a heterogeneous classroom, the diverse mix of students with varying abilities and learning styles can present challenges for both educators and learners. While some students thrive in such an environment, others may struggle to keep up with the pace or feel left behind. Exceptional students who crave intellectual stimulation might find themselves limited by the standardized curriculum, missing out on opportunities to explore more advanced topics that would push their boundaries and ignite their passion for learning. On the other hand, struggling students may feel overwhelmed as they try to grasp new concepts without the necessary support tailored to their individual needs. This lack of personalized attention can hinder their progress and hinder their confidence, leading to a decline in their overall academic performance.

In the era of globalization, providing an education that enables children to swiftly adapt to the world has become a paramount goal for parents. Many families have sought “personalized education” as a viable solution. Specifically, “personalized education” or “personalized learning programs” customize the learning experience to align with the strengths, interests, and individual progress of each student. Personalized education boosts academic success and personal growth, making it easier for many students to achieve their goals.

In this article, we invite families to join Everest Education (“E2”) in exploring the benefits of personalized education and the methods used by many international school families to customize their children’s learning experiences. E2 believes this information will guide parents to enhance your children’s learning paths for academic excellence.

1. What is Personalized Education?

Personalized education has become a significant trend in today’s education. Specifically, it entails creating a tailored teaching and learning program that suits the individual needs, abilities, and interests of each student. Furthermore, personalized education encourages students’ active involvement in the learning process. By implementing personalized education, students become more proactive and responsible for their learning experiences and development.

However, the role of parents and guiding teachers are crucial in implementing a personalized learning path for children. Parents can start personalizing education for their children by understanding their unique skills and perspectives. By gaining a better understanding of children’s interests, goals, and abilities, parents can develop a suitable learning pathway. Initiating conversations with children or engaging in extracurricular activities together can help parents gain deeper insights into children’s capabilities and aspirations.

The next important step is designing a personalized learning program. Parents can have their children take pre-assessments to determine their current knowledge and skills before a new academic year starts. Based on the results, parents can identify areas where their children need improvement and leverage their strengths to build an effective learning plan. Additionally, providing ongoing support and monitoring is crucial in the process of personalized education. Providing resources and guidance from teachers will facilitate personalized learning, helping students achieve goals effectively.


2. The Benefits of Personalized Education in International Schools

Personalization can be applied both at home and in school. Combining personalized learning experiences in both environments helps children develop comprehensively and rapidly. Nowadays, international schools have brought personalized education closer to Vietnamese students through standardized international programs. Specifically, international schools commonly apply two personalized education methods: pace-driven and student-driven.

a. The Pace-driven method

The pace-driven method allows students to absorb and delve into learning materials at their own pace. They have the freedom to adjust the intensity of learning based on their individual abilities. This approach enables students to develop at their own optimal learning pace, rather than being influenced by the speed of their peers. As a result, the pace-driven method fosters comprehensive skills and knowledge development by allowing students adequate time to grasp new concepts.

b. The Student-driven method

In the student-driven method, students take charge of their learning by deciding on the subjects they want to study based on their interests and personal goals. Classroom lectures and assignments are structured as projects or topics that students wish to explore. This ensures that students have the opportunity to enhance critical thinking and collaborative skills. Moreover, this method allows students to focus on developing their strengths, thereby maximizing their potential.

International schools with standardized educational programs and high-quality facilities offer students the optimal learning experience through personalized education methods. These methods foster proactive attitudes, instill a love for learning, and prepare students to achieve outstanding accomplishments.


3. Building a Personalized Learning Path with Everest Education

With years of experience supporting international school students in achieving their academic goals, Everest Education (“E2”) has helped each child unleash their full potential through personalized learning paths.

For instance, Nguyen Tran Gia Huy, a student at Dinh Thien Ly High School, significantly improved his Math skills and thinking abilities after following a learning path tailored to his current abilities and level. In his most recent Math test, Huy impressed with an 85% score, a remarkable increase of over 40% compared to his previous Math test.


Another remarkable case is Vo An Nhu, previously a 2nd-grade student at Ngo Thoi Nhiem Elementary School, who successfully passed the entrance assessment for the AIS after studying at E2 after 2 months. Nhu’s personalized learning path was based on her initial assessment at E2, highlighting her academic strengths and weaknesses. With this knowledge, E2 collaborated with the family to design a personalized learning path to prepare Nhu for the AIS international school.

At E2, we foster a diverse and exciting learning environment for students, with each child having a personalized learning trajectory tailored to their abilities and aspirations. Our classes not only ensure mastery of the international school curriculum but also incorporate engaging and creative activities. Through these activities, students have the opportunity to experience and gradually familiarize themselves with the international educational setting.

With the notable achievements and over 11 years of experience supporting more than 12,000 students from international schools, bilingual schools, and top public schools, E2 confidently stands as an excellent choice for parents seeking personalized education solutions to help their children conquer their academic goals, especially those with aspirations to enter international schools.


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