Alien Using Social Media

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Ngắn gọn nhưng tuyệt vời. Khám phá dự án cuối khóa của Trúc!

Nowadays, social media is one of the most common things to contact on Earth. But, you can’t imagine that I am an Alien and I also use many types of social media like the way you are. I believe that on our Planet, we are pretty skillful although you guys are still confused about our appearance. So let me tell you something related to our way, our type and how we can connect to Facebook or Instagram.

The most necessary things are devices. Aliens don’t use phones, we use things that look like laptops but we invented them. They look quite ugly but strong by the way. Wifi used to be our most enormous problem, but now, we are taking full advantage of energy from Stars, Lights, and other Planets to do weird things like you guys connect your devices to wifi. But of course, we are different because we don’t get into any trouble. 

In the space, we can also connect to Facebook, Instagram but we can’t react to anything because we aren’t allowed to do those things.

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