Tran Huu Quang Huy: 2016 Lawrence Ting Scholarship Winner

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Tran Huu Quang Huy is currently a 9th grader at Vo Truong Toan Middle School in District 1. He’s been studying with E2 since Spring 2015 and have recently won the Lawrence Ting Scholarship to study at Saigon South International School (SSIS).

Each year, SSIS offers a three-year scholarship for one local Vietnamese student who has demonstrated commitment to academic excellence, proficiency in English, and interests in global and international affairs, along with a willingness to help others.

Q: Hi, Huy! Congratulations on your achievement! How do you feel?

A: I’m really excited! But thinking of next years makes me a little nervous as well.

Q: How did you find out about the Lawrence Ting Scholarship, and what was the preparation like?

A: My E2 Math teachers, Mr. Duong, told me about the scholarship. To apply, they require your transcript and other information about club and volunteer activities. Of course, if you have any other academic successes, you can send it along with your profile. There was also an essay and an interview involved. Honestly, I didn’t prepare much for it. I just give it my all.

Q: In your opinions, what was the strongest point that helped you stand out among other applicants?

A: I’d say it was my writing skills. Mr. John from my E2 English class has helped me a lot with structuring my essays, how to arrange my ideas and theses. I know I wouldn’t have made it to SSIS without applying what I’ve learned from him. Academically, Mr. Don, my Math teacher, has prepared me well for international Math programs. He’s given me a strong foundation to start at SSIS. Now I won’t be surprised when hearing certain terms and concepts in English.

Also, learning to adapt and make friends with other students from international schools here at E2 has been an essential experience. We study together, sharing personal experiences with one another. It is not easy for a local student to transition to an international learning environment at a school like SSIS, but I believe with what I’ve learned at E2, I’ll be ready for the new challenges. I can’t wait!

Q: At which stage of the application process did you feel the most challenging?

A: It was the interview, but it was also my win. From what I’ve learned, just a few Vietnamese students can be as confident and open as I was with the interviewers. For me, I just went for it, and I was glad that things worked out. (Laugh).

Q: You talked about confidence. Is that something natural to your personality or that you have built over time?

A: It’s something that I’ve learned from my personal failure. I still remember, when I was in 7th grade, I was selected as a speaker for an event at my English center. I prepared carefully every word for the speech, but when I stood in front of people, I was nervous and trembling so much I forgot all my lines. That was such a turning point for me. After that incident, I told myself to engage in more activities and build up my confidence. I’ve acquired many strong skills for my interview from those activities. (Smile)

Q: Thank you for sharing your great news and insights with us! I wish you the best on your preparation for the new chapter of your academic journey. Keep us updated on your future achievements as well!

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