Why Is Math So Important?


“Why do I need to be good at Math?”, your child may ask. We always want our child to be good at Math – it’s still ok if she wouldn’t perform well in geography, history, or physical education. But parents will freak out when we see our children stay behind in Math. Why?

Math no doubt plays an important role in our life. Math and Literature appear in all exams in a student’s life. Math is important, but what is the real benefit of letting kids learn math? Let’s explore this article!

Math helps us to have analytical thinking

Analytical thinking is breaking down a problem into smaller expressions or arguments using deduction or considering each piece of information separately to judge its reliability. The importance of breaking down the problem helps to solve the problem without missing any crucial factor. This is what we do when we do a mathematical problem: collect the data, break down its premises, observe the relations that keep or systematically solve their parts in a rational way. If we are able to understand mathematics and arrive at logical solutions, we will be able to prepare our minds when we have real problems. Analytical thinking develops the ability to investigate and know the truth about the world around us. This is possible because mathematics allows us to reason clearly and logically, taking into account real data and that can be verified. (lifehack.io)

Math makes up a large part of our everyday lifeOf course, not everybody needs to become a mathematician or engineer, but this subject can provide a bright future for your child and help him in a huge number of life situations. It helps your child to think critically and know how to make the best decisions. In the next articles, we will broach the aspects of daily life that Math directly affects to help kids visualize how to apply Mathematics in practice.

Math makes your child smarter

Studies repeatedly show that we can make ourselves smarter. High intelligence is nothing more than a great ability for pattern recognition and problem-solving, all of which are trainable.

May Mathematics happen for a reason. Mathematics enhances analytical and problem-solving skills creates the basis for systemic thinking, improves the skills required to arrive at logical conclusions, expands the mind to handle unfamiliar tasks with ease and confidence, learns through trial and error, and promotes cautious and careful thinking. (inc.com)

Math enables your child to have more opportunities to grow in the digital era

It is said that Big data is a big chance for the digital era, and is a hot topic that shows up somewhat regularly in all aspects of our lives. These days big data plays a role in nearly everything: the music we listen to, the GPS that guides us around new places, the healthcare system we are dependent upon, and so much more. There is no doubt that the world wouldn’t have advanced as rapidly as it has without the advent of big data processing. Many of us might think that a creative mind and the spirit of a designer are all that is necessary, but what matters more than all of that is a background in mathematics. Math (as linear algebra, calculus, statistics, and probability) is a critical component of the big data equation. It is used in nearly every aspect of the process, from big data tool design to data collection, to data analysis. (dataflog.com)

Do everything in your power to help your child to love math, such as a course designed to “fit” with your child’s learning pace. At Everest, we teach Singapore Math and customize a study plan for each student – students can learn at their own plan that is an effective way to boost them more confidence in learning math.


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